CHINA — Innaer is one of the leading partners of poultry breeding bases in China. The company is located in the Anping County and aptly named Anping County Innaer Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company offers the manufacture and sale of different cages and chicken wire mesh. The poultry cages offered by the company are built from low carbon wire of steel. Theses cages are designed with the help of electro galvanizing or by hot galvanizing.

The chicken cages offered by the company come with added features. The cages are easy to assemble and efficiently save space. They are effective in preventing infectious diseases and hence increase the survival rate of the poultry. The cages manufactured at the company also provide scalability. They can be expanded to support different sizes, have external attachments of automatic water supply and layers in them. Layer cage can be incorporated on them by customizing the cages. The company manufactured cages comes with additional accessories such as drinking water, cage frame, feeding trough, PVC pipe and more.

The company also offers open air cages for breeding. These cages would enhance the air supply and hence provide a hygienic atmosphere for breeding. In addition to the poultry cage , the company manufactures and supplies pigeon cages, rabbit cages and quail cages as well. All the products supplied by the company come with certification from the ISO9001 quality system. ¡°Once entrusted the company will keep the entire process in cooperation with our customers to share cutting-edge product quality, service concept, with power to meet customer needs¡±, says the owner of the company.

The company sets a high standard for the quality of the product. The company website features specifications for the rabbit cages. They offer to customize the rabbit cages on samples provided by the clients too. Furthermore the site features the latest news related to farming and poultry equipments.

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About Innaer Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co Ltd

Anping County Innaer Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co Ltd is one of the leading partners of China¡¯s poultry breeding base. The company offers poultry cages, chicken wire mesh and other farming equipment. The site not only features chicken cages but also includes pigeon, quail and rabbit cages. Innaer offers the manufacture and supply of the cages and other equipments. The company website features the specifications of the cages built by the company. They also offer customized cages on the demand of the customers.

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