Tax preparation specialist reveals how to find IRS form 1040 and find instructions for filling it out this tax season.

July 18, 2016 — Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner Frank Ellis provides information on IRS form 1040 on in a new article. The author explains where to find printable IRS tax forms on the Internet. In addition to from 1040, other tax forms and publications are available. These can all be saved and printed.

An embedded video provides step by step instructions on filling out form 1040 EZ. Where to find form 1040 and other documents is explained; they’re even available at post offices and libraries. The IRS will also mail them to any home or business, explains the author, in fact as many copies as one wishes.

Instructions for the 1040 tax form are provided in a link included within the article. The complexity of these instructions is stressed, but the documentation on the IRS website and instructions specific to the form are very helpful. Guidelines help taxpayers understand what information to enter and where to put it on the form.

TurboTax software is also mentioned, as it provides online help and automated assistance when filing taxes. When one enters their tax information, the software selects the correct tax form and adds the appropriate information in the right place. Any guess work is eliminated so it is unlikely one will make costly mistakes when filing their taxes.

A series of tax-related articles on provide insightful details to make filing less difficult. It is often stressful for many taxpayers because the IRS forms are complex and the rules change every year. There are also many different guidelines for different financial situations. A step by step approach and research help alleviate the stress and file taxes correctly.

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