Kult88 is dedicated to a cultural revolution. Through their exclusive and private events they help brands benefit from the voices of the people!

March 5, 2015, Los Angeles, CA, United States- It’s quite amazing to see the new found relevance influencers branding is seeing in the corporate world, especially in the fashion and beauty industry. In a time of massive change, fueled by the rapid emergence of social media, mobile platforms, technology, and wireless connectivity, the traditional marketing and advertising has entirely changed. Influencers branding is the new black that is taking the marketing industry by storm.  In the midst of a monumental shift, where most of the marketing and advertising firms are trying to figure out effective ways to properly leverage influencers to build brands, Kult88 has already launched a new method to make it easier for brands to connect with multiple influencers at once, making it possible to turn a single product viral.  

As Jamar Spicer, Co-founder of Kult88 summarizes: “It’s not about how many dollars you throw at a marketing campaign, it’s about getting your products in the hands of people who love it and can influence others.”

When it comes to lavish gifting lounges, they are usually restricted to the elite and A-list celebrities. However, Kult88 has started a unique gifting suite that’s strictly open to influencers, content creators and tastemakers, and closed off to mainstream celebrities. These are those individuals who have organically acquired an audience whom they engage with to the point where they’ve developed a solid reputation that an audience regularly tunes into for information and entertainment. This does not mean that Kult88 is trying to bring an end to celebrity branding, but opening the gateway for content creators and influencers in social media to establish their mark in branding. Kult88 events are lush with industry’s leading advocates, influencers and thought leaders.

For more information, simply visit: http://www.kult88.com/

About Kult88
Kult88 specializes in organizing events where passionate brands and top influencers can come together. Each event is tailored specifically so that brands can meet and network with influencers in fashion, travel, food, home, design, art, and lifestyle spaces. Moreover, they offer current and aspiring influencers the ability to do just the same.

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