The fact is there are different aspects to work from home that can change your entire outlook on all the things around you. One of the most valuable things you are going to find is that work from home allows you to have the time off that you need for many reasons. You won't have to worry about finding somebody to cover your shifts or trying to prepare your request for time off sound legitimate with your boss anymore.
You be able simply decide that you need to have a day off and take it. This aspect comes in very easy to use for anyone that has children as you could imagine. How many times have your kids gotten sick and you would have to call into work for the day off only to be told there was no way that it would be possible? Instead of calling in a babysitter plus worrying all day long about how your child was doing, you can simply be there with them when they aren't feel well and still manage to get at least a little work done.
Another thing that can change is your vacation time. If you work in an office environment, you can have to schedule your vacation time around every other employee that works for the business. If you have work from home , you be able basically take a laptop with you on your vacation and keep in contact with any clients that might need you. This means you can go away for a week whenever you feel like it and still maintain a working environment with your everyday clients without worrying about losing any money in the process.
You are plus going to find that you can have the ability to earn much more money than you currently are. While it will be a bit of difficult work to get everything up and running like you want it to be, you don't have to ever worry about asking for a raise because you will simply adjust your prices to fit the economic situation you are in. This is one of the greatest reasons to start a home based business for most people. They feel additional in control of their money and that gives them less stress.
When you are working a job that has no stress, or very little stress, involved you will find that you are much happier in your life. Once you rid yourself of stress and find out just how successful you can become because of that, you will find that working isn't such a hassle anymore and that you actually enjoy it. This means you will do greater on your projects and end up making additional money. When you think about it, there is no reason why you shouldn't be working from home if you are going to be successful and earn more money in the process.

Work from Home ,
have more money in the process.
Also have better live.