Marwan Shaykh, M. D., a widely recognized pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine, has been treating patients in the Roanoke area for years from his Assisted Fertility Program office in Jacksonville, Florida. Now he has opened an additional clinic in Roanoke at 2965 Colonnade Drive, conveniently across from the Lewis-Gale Medical Center. With the new office available, infertile couples in Southwest Virginia do not need to travel outside the area for specialized services.

Dr. Shaykh was among the first reproductive endocrinologists to practice in Florida; and the clinic in Roanoke will make it easier for patients accustomed to seeking his advice as well as new couples with infertility problems to find the help they need. In today’s society many couples have waited until later in life to start their families. As women age the quality of their eggs diminishes, until eventually they cannot fertilize and develop. It is also known that male infertility is present in up to half of all infertile couples. Many with infertility problems have received the impression from some widely reported cases that all infertility care is very “high tech” and routinely involves very high costs. This is unfortunate since it also causes many to delay seeing a fertility specialist because of financial considerations. Studies by managed care providers demonstrate that treatment and ultimately pregnancy success are actually less expensive when the patient sees a fertility specialist. One reason suggested for this is that a specialist will not waste time and money on therapies that are not likely to succeed.

Dr. Shaykh’s Florida and Virginia fertility clinics offer all types of infertility treatment and diagnostic services. Through the years, his Assisted Fertility Programs have helped thousands of couples achieve pregnancy. Two excerpts from patient comments illustrate the highly personal care patients receive: “My husband and I tried for seven years to have a baby…After a recommendation from a friend, we began seeing Dr. Shaykh. We knew from the first visit he was going to be an amazing choice for us. Dr. Shaykh and his staff made us feel like having a baby was just as important to them as it was to my husband and me…” and “I’m so thankful that we’re able to share such good news with you guys…and, of course, I’m deeply grateful for Dr. Shaykh’s excellent treatment of me before, during and after my surgery…As I’m sure you know, I was full of questions and concerns, enough to test anyone’s patience”.

Both Assisted Fertility Program clinics offer a full array of advanced reproductive technologies to both female and male infertility patients. Their reproductive endocrinology laboratory has been certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) as meeting the highest standards in quality for a laboratory. Types of treatment which can be recommended once the cause of infertility has been diagnosed include fertility medication, ovulation monitoring or ovulation induction (OI), intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF) and others.

For more information about Dr. Marwan Shaykh’s Assisted Fertility Program, go to The new office in Roanoke is currently accepting patients. Call 1-800-777-IVF1 or 540-772-3220 to schedule an appointment.