Shenzhen, China — Indiegogo, the leading technology store in today’s digital era reveals that they will include a more innovative technology, the Hoteny Pro. Hoteny Pro is the first ever smart HD video doorbell that has a unique radar and infrared ray auto detector.

As one of the most reputable and highly respected technology stores in the industry, Indiegogo makes sure that Hoteny Pro can attain customer’s expectations. This product is specially designed to help homeowners when it comes to their concerns about their safety and protection. The good thing about this product is that it can be avail in just a very wallet friendly and economical cost.

According to the leading technology store Indiegogo, early birds will get a special big discount that will surely put a smile on the face of their every valued customer. For sure, the Hoteny Pro will surely be a big hit on the market. With its great quality and very affordable price, it will become one of the most sought after products in the market in some future time.

Amazing Features of Hoteny Pro

It was wire-free and easy to install. It takes only a minute to set up or install the Hoteny Pro. What makes it unique is that it was also rechargeable, so you can enjoy its power supply for longer hours. It is made up of an excellent quality polymer lithium battery that is very convenient to use.

Additionally, it can also receive critical alerts in real-time. Thus, it has two sensors of safe radar and infrared ray for you to receive an alarm on your smartphone. It also has a HD night vision that can help you to monitor your area.

With the great features that it has, Hoteny Pro will surely attain the high standards and great expectations of aspiring customers. The quality and high performance of the Hoteny Pro will never bring customers disappointments, regrets as well as frustrations in the end, after they purchase the said product.

Definitely, the Hoteny Pro can be considered as one of the more innovative solutions that can serve as a powerful tool in maintaining the safety and protection of every home within a community. Meanwhile, the presale of the Hoteny Pro was on April 5 at

For those who want to try the great performance of the Hoteny Pro can contact the company via following details.

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