Medical tourism or health care tourism has become a global phenomenon. A lot of people are traveling across the global in search of quality and affordable healthcare services.

Governments of many countries are realizing the fact that it is a sunrise industry and there is a lot of potential in it. According to a study by Mc Kinsey medical tourism would be 5000-10,000 crore industry by 2012.

India is already a leader in this foray owing to a lot of advantages that India offers. Quality health care services at fraction of cost, JCI accredited facilities, English speaking country, world renowned doctors, alternative systems of medicines like Ayurveda and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world makes India a wonderful package for health care tourism.

Indicure one of the leaders in medical tourism in India was invited to talk about issues and way forward in the industry at recently held medical tourism expo in Seoul in South Korea.

“It was a wonderful experience and a privilege for us to be invited at international conference and share our experiences. We got to share a lot of views and ideas as to how to take this forward, what concerns do medical tourists have and how can cross border medical tourism help various countries.” says Ruchika from Indicure.

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