Eating 500 calories a day and exercising for about 2 hours daily to burn off twice what you've consumed. But why would you want to put yourself through the agony and at a risk of ending up dead

Dr. Rena Nutritional Consultant and Clinical Dietician practicing since many years, has actively been involved to empower people, to live healthy. She brings culmination of all the teachings she has pursued over the years. From her Masters Degree in Microbiology with major Interests in Genetics and Food Microbiology and further education in Dietetics and Food Analysis from Mumbai.
Living Smart is a proactive, healthcare and wellness company. We are a team of health professionals comprising of doctors, nutritionists and experts in yoga and fitness.
The company was founded in the year 2000 by Dr. Rena. It started as ´HEALTHY LIVING‘ which was primarily a WEIGHT MANAGEMENT CLINIC AND THERAPEUTIC DIET CLINIC.Since then, the clinic has assisted hundreds of people in achieving optimum health and has been recognized as a pioneer in providing scientific solutions for Health Management.
This year Dr. Rena launched ”Living Smart” simultaneously in Pune and Brisbane and added a new dimension in the field of health with a vision of creating healthy, smart sustainable lifestyle, but this time going ONLINE …….with e-Diets and More.
We have a strong passion for creating awareness for healthy eating, beauty and smart lifestyle practices. The organization has grown in terms of clientele base not only in one city but crossing states and even countries and all this in a short span of time. The growth has been entirely through the word of mouth and the faith of our clients in us. Presently the organization is providing service to clients in India, U.S and Australia.