New Delhi, India, March 19, 2016: There could be several types of lifestyle diseases because of hectic work schedule, body posture, stress and other common reasons. Cervical pain, spondylosis, stiff neck etc are some of the common health problems that the modern population often complains of nowadays. The modern medical technology has come up with tools and techniques to support and rehabilitate such patients. There are quality cervical support systems that not only essential for a proper patient care, but can also help prevent the occurrence of several such health problems.

BeeDee Blades Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of cervical collars in Delhi India that has been supplying quality Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Products, such as cervical collars, abdominal belts, ankle binder, ankle brace etc since 1991. The company now announces a new range of Cervical Collars & Abdominal Support that provides proper patient care and also adds to the healing process. The new Cervical Collar range includes Cervolite Collar, Emergency Collar, Soft Foam Collar and Eyelet Collar. These collars have been designed for the posture maintenance during the day-long work schedule or an activity.

According to the spokesperson of the Manufacturer of Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Products In Delhi India, they focus on the product quality by choosing the best material and employ the advanced medical technology in the design and development. Moreover, by following a stringent quality control measure, the products are supplied with a quality guarantee. With a sturdy and non-absorbent foam construction and ventilation holes, the cervical collars provide adequate support to one’s neck while keeping it cool and dry.

With unique designs and best-fitting sizes, BeeDee is the reputed manufacturer of abdominal support in delhi India. They have different types of abdominal belts or abdominal support, designed to offer needed support to pregnant women or for other gynecological support. Made of soft foam with high quality elastic and loop closures, the abdominal belt is a comfortable and flexible way to offer an abdominal support to a patient or a pregnant woman.

BeeDee has a wide variety of products that are effective in patient care and support their rehabilitation. One can download their product catalogue from their website

About BeeDee Blades Pvt. Ltd.

BeeDee’s multi-domain holistic medical technologies integrate different schools of medicine, to prevent and rehabilitate physical illnesses linked with psychological and social rehabilitation of the individual. Integrating the various schools of thoughts of medicine onto one platform is vital for proper patient care and all products are developed with integrated end services in mind along the lines of Ultimate Rehabilitation.

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