30, July 2016: That's what a new online service is hoping will attract patients. In this increasingly conflicted and controversial online environment, information about cancer and cancer treatments is not only confusing, it's dangerous. Every pundit with an agenda to push forward has advice for the unfortunate person that receives a cancer diagnosis.

Social media sites such as Facebook are overflowing with posts about the latest miracle cure or treatment for every type of cancer. But when most of these articles are investigated thoroughly, there is usually little real evidence to back up their claims. Some are nothing short of quackery.

And on the other end of the spectrum, there are those that believe that hospitals and doctors aren't to be trusted, as they have a financial interest in certain types of treatments. Cancer is, after all, a multi-billion dollar part of the medical establishment.

This doesn't help the newly diagnosed cancer patient in any way. One of the most important parts of a cancer treatment regimen is the mental wellbeing of the patient. A positive mental attitude is shown to increase the odds of a positive outcome. Peace of mind is a very real part of a good treatment.

This is the reason for the launch of a new online service that offers 100% independent second opinions for cancer patients of all types, from the top oncologists, researchers and professors in the field. A completely unbiased second opinion offers great hope and confidence for a newly diagnosed patient. They can know that the treatment they choose is inarguably the best course of action, as backed up by more than one expert source.

That is real peace of mind.

The new service is at CancerDocs.org. There are several options to choose from, and all are affordable for just about everyone. CancerDocs also states that some insurance programs may cover the cost of a cancer second opinion .

Most oncologists will agree with the importance of a genuine expert cancer second opinion. It is one of the first steps that most doctors will advise you to take, as a patient. Treatment choices are always changing, and vary greatly depending on your unique situation. Every doctor wants you to have all the choices in front of you. An informed patient is a patient ready for effective treatment.

There are hundreds of different types of cancer. It is very important to know exactly what type you are dealing with, and what the best options are for treating that exact type. An unbiased cancer second opinion is essential.

You can get an introduction to the service, and get your cancer questions answered at no charge by visiting https://cancerdocs.org. The site is easy to navigate and has been very quick to respond to all inquiries. This looks to be a new trend in unbiased cancer second opinions.

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