Shenzhen, Guangdong — Companies are striving each day to come up with better strategies to earn more and have less risks. There is so much competition in the retail and trade industry, after all, so people shouldn’t allow themselves to be left behind . Start up or smaller shops and online stores who have yet to test the market will definitely benefit from this method of supply-chain management, especially if importing from China is something they have considered doing.

The Benefits of Drop Shipping

A good step to starting the own business is drop shipping some items firstly to test the market.

Vendors typically order in bulk to save on import, packaging, and freight costs; however, companies that are still testing the market may not benefit from ordering in bulk.The market may not buy them. In such circumstance, shops may be faced with logistical problems and additional costs if not all goods are sold.

Drop shipping also allows merchants the propensity to have an even wider variety of merchandise to sell, as they can readily order them from their partner wholesaler. Any consumer would prefer a retail outlet that gives them more options. This will work great for online retailers who do not have the space to store the items they sell online. All they need to do is show their customers a catchy catalog of all the items they are selling. They can just contact the wholesaler to have these goods shipped, either to the vendor or directly to the consumer. This is a great way to establish the market footprint online.

What Goods are Ideal for Reselling?

Here is how to pick a good item for drop shipping. For example,

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New arrivals are good for reselling. Post some of them on

New arrivals are good for reselling. Post some of them on the favorite wholesaler can take care of importing these from China while people’re still at the precipice of introducing them to potential buyers.

How to Get Discounts When Importing from China

Now that people know which items are good for the market, they can be confident about importing those items in bulk order to get discounts, and to save shipping fee. Have those items in one order and get several pieces for each of them.

Combining multiple orders into the same shipment has great advantages: Firstly, it greatly reduces the shipping price per item. Second, people can delivery very fast to the domestic customers. Third, people get discount prices. Now people can list those items on both eBay and Amazon.

Jumpstarting the E-Commerce and China Importing Business

Now people are ready to setup the own e-commerce websites with zencart ( or magento ( Hiring freelancers to help people by going to or Focusing only on one field is the easiest way to be successful. For example, if people want to focus on spy devices , enlist on the website, on Amazon, or eBay all of those spy devices that people imported from the previous shipment, those which are stored in the home.

People can also post on eBay all of the drop shipped merchandise that are stored in the wholesaler’s warehouse, so they can test the market if consumers are likely to buy them. After people get the sell feedback, people’ll be able to understand which kinds are more marketable. People can then add them to the next order and import more of these the next time.

Congratulations! People are now successful in this China importing business via the easiest and the least risky way.


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