Los Angeles, CA — July 29, 2016 - Love Entertainment directors Vincent Tran and Riyaana Hartley announced that Pooja Batra will make her Hollywood debut in their new feature film, “One Under the Sun”. The A-List Bollywood actress and Miss India of 1993 portrays the character of astronaut Kathryn Voss in the sci-fi suspense thriller.

The movie premiered internationally at the Cannes Film Festival and debuted in the U.S. at San Diego Comic-Con International. Featured in multiple media outlets around the world, the film was endorsed by the iconic Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame.

With stories of doom and gloom from around world in the news each day, “One Under the Sun” submits the revolutionary concept - “Imagine a day without war.” Voss is among the crew of a Mars mission that experiences a devastating shuttle accident. Voss is the only survivor, emerging miraculously unscathed and with an extraordinary gift.

Voss has no memory of what transpired during the accident. She just wants to return home to her husband and terminally ill daughter, but Voss is forced to become a fugitive from a government that seeks to suppress her gift and hide the truth at all costs.

“One Under the Sun” is a multi-layered journey that explores self-sacrifice and the common good, beginning with Voss making the difficult decision of joining the space mission and fighting for the good of all mankind or remaining with her terminally ill daughter.

The film looks at changing human dynamics, transformation and change. It incorporates the ground-breaking scientific discovery of the Higgs boson that lives in everyone and the effect it may have on humanity and its future. The character of Voss is an agent of change, helping mankind accept, learn, survive and evolve.

War is a legacy in many areas of the world and a person’s perception is shaped by what they see and hear in the news — or what’s kept from them. Life is more than headlines but those who control the flow of information control the narrative.

A steady diet of negative news impacts the way people feel and act toward others and keep them living in fear to prevent focusing on the good. “One Under the Sun” provides a view of that world and a future free of constraint.

“One Under the Sun” has debuted to critical acclaim and reviews. It’s a cry from the cosmos about the good to be found and an invitation for the millions of people who aspire to a better world to let their voices be heard, to create a new chapter in the story of humanity free of hate, war and destruction — simply to be “One Under the Sun.”

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