IIM-Udaan 2017 will run for road safety

Indore27th September 2017: In India the number of lives lost to road accidents is over 1,682 times more than that to terrorism.We are the world’s sixth-largest car market, but ours is the only country among the global top ten car markets but in the field of road safety we are behind rest of the world. To raise awareness about this fact, IIM – Udaan will run this year for road safety. Aim of this marathon is to create awareness about the consequence of one mistake on road and to inform that if we use proper safety measures these road accidents can be avoided easily.

UDAAN as an idea, conceptualized in the year 2008, took off with an aim to make a meaningful difference, and to give back to the society. Each year by associating ourselves with a pressing social cause, we strive to create maximum public awareness in our quest to bring about a positive change.Over the past years, our themes have aimed at supporting peace and harmony, making our planet greener, spreading education, supporting the old, supporting the homeless and the fight against rape and gender discrimination.These themes received unprecedented support from people who have united in echoing their relentless.

Following this remarkable legacy is this year’s IIM Indore UDAAN ‘2017’ theme – Road Safety. Since 2006, we have witnessed more road deaths per year compared to any other country in the world. The same country that has entered the golden era of space technology, also loses more people to road accidents than to terrorist attacks or diseases which is a matter of great concern.

Indians have a much laid back attitude when it comes to traffic rules. Switching lanes, not stopping for red lights nor wearing helmets, over speeding – such things are common on our roads. Our safety standards lag behind the international standards. In 2015, 1,48,000 people were killed in road accidents according to the Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India report released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). To eliminate this situation, IIM Udaan 2017 strive to contribute significantly in this direction  and also extend its gratitude towards its sponsors- Bhadaas Café, PR24x7 Network Ltd, Dazzel Digital, YFC, VLCC, Indian Oil, Club Mahindra and Apollo Hospital. For more information log on to www.iimi-udan.in


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