This month, ifour received the Gold Social Media award. We were ecstatic, and our interviewers wanted to know how we approached our projects. We are happy to share our top 10 tips for creating engaging content.

1) Choose Your Benchmarks

Most companies have a presence on social media channels. However, some of the accounts are not updated on a regular basis. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram all have detailed analytics pages. You can find statistics on your page activity and followers. Create a log of the statistics and dates. When you keep a log, you can refer to the information at a later date.

2) Get to Know Your Audience

You probably have an inkling of who is interested in your products. If you do not have a clear picture of your audience, you should draw up a detailed profile of your ideal audience. When you know who your customers are, you can create engaging content.

3) Choose your Social Networking Channels

Review the channels you are utilizing. Multiple social media accounts might not be a necessity. If you do not have a lot of time, you should focus on updating one or two social media accounts.

4) Consider a Social Media Management Platform

You do not have to hire a social media manager. A management platform can help you stay organized. The program can update your content at a set time each day. There are several paid social media management apps, but the free options should be adequate.

5) Plan your approach

Plan your marketing approach. When you are planning your approach, you should keep your calendar at the front of your mind. You should make sure that your marketing does not interfere with any other important events. Your calendar will also let you know when you can schedule campaigns or teasers.

6) Build Your Content Library

Your content should have images and videos. The imagery will keep your readers interested in your content. You should always post relevant blog posts. Irrelevant information will distract your audience.

7) Start a Conversation

Do not be afraid to converse with your audience. You should leave comments on relevant accounts, and your comments should reflect your morals. You should also ask questions to encourage dialogue.

8) Have an Opinion

You need a strong political opinion. If you are trying to attract a certain audience, you might have to make comments about your political views. Your opinion should promote your values.

9) React to Breaking News

You should always react to trending topics. Your opinions will expose your brand to potential customers. You should include relevant tags and quotes.

10) Interact With Your Team

Ask your team for their input on business topics. They can give you suggestions for individual content. The different opinions can help you reach a wider audience.

All your channels will need regular attention. These tips should help you approach your social media with renewed vigor.

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