Makes Recovery of Notes on iOS Platform Effective

Chandler, ARIZONA, OCT 19, 2015 — Today an iPhone is a watch, a camera, a calendar, a GPS device and a place to journal or keep important notes. While some of these items have multiple back-up and recovery choices, such as the contact list, Notes often do not and when lost can be devastating. iFonemate ( the digital company has announced the launch of iFoneMate, data recovery for iPhone software( which can be used to restore lost or deleted Notes from the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

The iFoneMate software is available for free download for Windows or Mac and is fully compatible with all iOS 8 devices. While the iFoneMate software supports retrieving Notes, it also allows users to retrieve lost data items such as iPhone photos, videos, contacts, messages, and even the Calendar. Great news for users as it also works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

"Last week, my precious family photos were lost due to iOS system upgrade," stated ecstatic user sylvia1989. "I was depressed and worried about finding an efficient method to get back the lost photos quickly. Luckily, I found the iFonemate website and the powerful software helped me restore my photos within a few minutes."

The easy to use software requires only three simple steps to allow anyone to recover any lost data dspite their level of technical expertise. One simply plugs in the device via USB port to a Windows or Mac computer. Secondly, the software scans device upon plug-in using the iFoneMate software. After the device has been scanned, the user will be offered a choice of just which information or data to be recovered. The company sells a full licensed copy of the software for just $59.95 US.

The iFoneMate software has the ability to recover data lost to several possibilities - virus infections, water damage, battery replacement, or data loss. The iFoneMate data recovery software offers recovery from three sources: from an iOS Device, from an iTunes Backup and from an iCloud Backup.

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