Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - iFly Global, one of the top aviation careers network portal have been doing a great job. They have managed to become one of the top online portals for airlines who are offering jobs and also those seeking employment in the aviation industry.

iFly Global wants to reach out to all airline executives and recruiters who want to explore the market in search of the best candidates. Potential candidates looking for good careers as Cabin Crew, Pilots, or Maintenance Engineers, can make smart use of this portal and hopefully find themselves good opportunities.

Mr. Aaron McDonald, iFly Global’s Founder and CEO was quoted as saying “At iFly Global, the key focus is on offering such a service wherein people can easily obtain access to the network of jobs in the aviation industry. Further, we are aware of how difficult it is to find the right applicants. Our portal has been designed keeping all these factors in mind. We want to have one such portal that both the employers and employees can benefit from.”

iFly Global is currently a free service and they want to offer the best assistance to airline recruiters and even candidates as well. The platform is available for all aviation professionals to be used as a marketing tool, and for any airline companies to showcase the vacancies they have. Further, the kind of database that iFly Global has ensures that companies would have a huge network to search the right applicants from. There is also an inbuilt screening tool that helps the employers in putting in separate filters and thereby customising the different search results.

Those who want to know more about the services offered by iFly Global should make it a point to check out http://www.ifly.global and explore the offerings.

About iFly Global

iFly Global is a subsidiary of the Shijie Aviation Group, and was developed by industry experts, Pilots, and Cabin Crew Recruiters, to be one of the top aviation portals offering support for both employers and applicants in the industry. It is a free portal with a lot of different customisation options which makes it easier for aviation companies to seek the right applicants.

Contact Person: Sales / Marketing Director
Email-id:  [email protected]
Website: http://www.ifly.global