Have you ever tasted real ale? Real ales Exeter are natural beers that are usually home-made. Because these beers are held in casks, they have a very rich taste which exceeds anything that you can find in stores or supermarkets. These beers are served in any traditional pub Exeter, so now you know where to go if you want to savour a really unique beverage.

Exeter — a place of rich history, of culture, beautiful scenery and also home to many great traditional restaurants and pubs. In these pubs, you can find delicious food and also some of the best beers you can taste: real ales Exeter. These beers are very different from the normal beverages produced in large distilleries, because they’re stored in special recipients made of wood and thus they’re not totally sealed off from the environment, as it happens with those clear beers you see in all advertisements. Because of this, real ales Exeter have a much richer taste. Many people prefer these beers for their nutty fragrances or chocolate-like taste. Of course, the taste of real ales Exeter differs from producer to producer. The taste of areal ale in one traditional pub Exeter can be very different from that of another real ale brewed by a different person. The ingredients, the water used for brewing the beer and the type wood the cask is made from affect the taste of the beer, so this is why all real ales are unique.

You should know that there are different types of real ales. We’ll only briefly discuss four of them for the moment. We’ll start with the bitter ale. As the name suggests it, this beer has a more intense taste, as it’s made with malt and coke. It was first brewed in the UK at around 1500. You won’t have trouble finding this bitter beer in a traditional pub Exeter - it’s the most popular choice among natural beer consumers. The second type of real ale is generically called ‘mild’, because it is a less mature beer which can be served soon after fermentation. One can make the beer stronger by adding bitter ale in the cask. However, it’s always better to avoid mixing different beers, as the textures and flavours are quite different. The pale ale is the third beer on this list. The name says it all for this beer: it has a golden colour and the taste is much smoother when comparing it to the first beer. And there’s one last beer: the original real ale. Like all ales, this beverage doesn’t go through a pasteurization process and because it is left unfiltered, the beer has a very intense flavour and it’s not as gassy as the other types of beers.

If you’re planning to go to a traditional pub Exeter to savour a real ale, make sure you ask for a warm beer. This beverage is best served at room temperature, as higher temperatures reveal the flavours and full taste of this beer.

This    traditional pub Exeter    serves intense and richly flavoured   real ales Exeter   .