Idolcam is the latest development in consumer cameras that combines a 3 axis gyro stabilized gimbal found on many high end consumer drones and shrinks it to the size of a gopro camera.  It will be the first consumer camera to thoroughly eliminate shaky footage, coupled with the fact that users with smartphone will be able to control the gimbal to take their exact photo and video as if they have a cameraman by their side wherever they go.

Idolcam sets out to solve common issues consumers face when using Smartphone as their go to camera.  First, lighting on Smartphone is generally harsh and unflattering.  Idolcam has a line of lighting attachments, such as a ring light attachment to evenly light the faces to produce more flattering lighting for videos and photos.  Second, selfies are currently limited by arms length, yet Idolcam unleashes the potential of selfies by allowing users to remotely control the 3 axis gimbal to take their exact creative selfies up to 40 ft away.  Also, the remote control gimbal is great for taking group photos; this eradicates the current problem that many users face, which is asking random strangers for help to take group photos that may put them at the risk of theft and unsatisfied photos.

Idolcam features 4K resolution and will be launch via Indiegogo on June 16, 2016 at the price of $350 for the first 200 Contributors, $375 there after and retails for $475.

Idolcam is created by AeriCam, a San Francisco based company specialized in developing drones and gimbals for the professional video industry for the past 6 years.

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