Featuring a foreword by famous “2 Billion Dollars Woman” Forbes Riley, the book reveals simple yet powerful steps that will empower people to achieve success and rocket their career to the next level!

February 11, 2015, St Pete Beach, FL, United States- Internationally acclaimed speaker and bestselling author, business guru, and award winning entrepreneur Ian Houghton is pleased to announce the launch of his life-changing new book “My JFDI Way to Creating Credibility” that will inspire others to walk the path of success through his three simple yet proven steps.

As Ian summarizes, “What makes people successful is the credibility they possess and how they showcase it. This book teaches them what I learned along my way to success and the exact steps I took for them to also become successful. If they replicate the steps they’ll replicate success in whichever way success is to them.”  

Having used his own life experiences to inspire thousands through his business coaching and International public speaking career, Ian now wants to share his best secrets to success with a wider audience. The book is the story of his journey and what he learned along his way to success in both business and life. It reveals how an individual can become highly successful if he strategically positions himself and creates his own personal brand. In other words, one can go from being a “nobody” to “someone”and everything becomes easier. It really doesn’t matter what field, age or profession an individual belongs to, this book is a revolutionary approach to success and can help people unleash their full potential and achieve whatever they ever wanted in life. “Perception is reality, change the perception and you change the reality”

For more information, simply visit: http://ianhoughton.com/

About Ian Houghton
Ian Houghton is a gifted individual who happens to be an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, business guru, international speaker and personal brand specialist. Originally from Wales in the United Kingdom, Ian moved to America in 2005. During his time in US, Ian became highly successful in real estate as an investor and became an award winning Hall of Fame Entrepreneur in 12 months. In 2012 he wrote his first book, which in a very short time became a bestseller. He has worked alongside celebrities, entrepreneurs and athletes such as Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Bradbury, Donna Karan, Former CEO of Disney Michael Eisner, One of Americas Top Internet Marketer Jeff Vacek, Multimillionaire/Astronaut and Adventurer NikHalik, and 3 times Superbowl Champion and NFL Hall of Fame Michael Irvin to name a few. He is also a senior managing partner in multiple highly successful businesses across the world including his own family restaurant in Wales, UK which in 2014 won best restaurant in his country.

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