Anuja Sathe the leading lady of STAR Plus’s show Tamanna, who plays the role of Dharaa, has been an icon of inspiration for all the women. She has been a sheer motivator to all those who had to think twice before chasing their dreams. But who is the person who inspired the most? It is none other than her own husband, Saurabh Gokhale.

When Anuja was first approached for the role of Dharaa, she could relate to the character to the fullest. She says that in reel life as Dharaa’s father supported her to the fullest, in real life it was her husband who was her backbone in order to chase her dreams of becoming an actor.

“Saurabh and I met on the sets of a show and he’s been very supportive ever since. Usually women are made to quit their jobs and I was scared the same will happen with me. To my surprise, Saurabh was the one who told me to continue with my career as he was well aware of my dream of becoming an actor. Whoever I am today, I owe my success to my husband,” says Anuja Sathe aka Dharaa.

“I have been away from home as I have been shooting rigorously for Tamanna in Mumbai. I haven’t met my husband in almost three months now who is in Pune. But we have that connect and understanding and respect each other’s professional lives. Whenever I need him, he’s just a phone call away,” adds Anuja.

Dharaa hopes that every man is as supportive as her husband as she believes that every individual should have their own identity. Way to go Anuja!

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