I am very lucky to have Kajol in my life — Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn is amongst the most accomplished actors today, in the film industry. His films and the work he’s done is testimony to his popularity amongst Bollywood. But seldom has he spoken about his journey in the industry and the reason behind his success. On the upcoming episode of YehHaiMeriKahani, Ajay was at his candid best and spoke at length about his journey in the film industry.

Ajay had a very normal upbringing. He was playful like any other teenager and had no real intentions of being an actor. He was barely 18 years old when director, Kuku Kohli, approached his father for Ajay to play the lead role in ‘PhoolaurKaante’. Ajay didn’t want to act then. He hadn’t even decided what he wanted to do with his career. But as fate would have it, Ajay was signed on as the lead actor and the film was a super hit at the Box Office, thus began Ajay’s career in the film industry. He mentioned that he never had to go through any struggle per say and is very lucky for that. He also spoke fondly of wife, Kajol. He said: “Kajol is my wife and I’m very lucky to have her in my life. She is a very strong support system for me”. On a parting note, he also spoke about Mahesh Bhatt and his phenomenal work in the industry.

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