East Earl, PA — Because of the recent economic difficulties people are trying to make the things that they own last longer and longer. They want to maximize every dollar that they spend, and this is especially true for large purchases like vehicles. The movement has been to wait to trade in a vehicle until the cost of maintenance and operation exceeds the cost of a newer car. Hurst Tire Service is now offering a tire inspection service that will help to increase gas mileage and the life of the tires.

The tires are one of the most important variables in gas mileage. A car with properly inflated and rotated tires not only drives smoother, but costs much less to operate than a car that has not been maintained. During the inspection service, Hust Tire Service will check for damage in the sidewalls and the treads. Any type of small defect that HurstTireService finds could be indicative of a tire that is weak and cannot hold proper pressure, or it may be on the verge of a blowout. In addition, the tires will be checked for alignment, since a tires that are not perfectly in line with each other work at cross purposes and increases the amount of fuel used to power the car.

Customers can go to http://www.hursttireservice.com to schedule a service appointment online. The online appointment setting allows customers to pick a time that fits in with their lives, and drastically reduces the amount of time that the customer has to spend waiting for their vehicle to be called for service. The process takes less than five minutes.

At Hurst Tire Service they are showing the tire companies are about more than just selling and mounting tires. Hurst strives to be an all-around tire shop, with a wide selection of tires, but with the after sale service that will keep those tires working correctly for a long time to come.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit http://www.hursttireservice.com or call (717) 354-4931.