10, December 2016: As a good product is all about re-branding, PubHTML5 has released a new Windows Version v5.4.4 for HTML5 flipbook publishing. Apart from the new features designed to make it more exciting to use, this v5.4.4 also has several upgrades. Client feedback is considered important at PubHTML5. Therefore, as some bugs were noticed in the previous version, this new version serves to correct them effectively.

These upgrades include:

1. Optimize the appearance of Quiz and Embed html windows.
PubHTML5 is a HTML5 flipbook maker that pays attention to the appearance of the books. This upgrade is an improvement on this. The Quiz and Embed html windows have been optimized to look even better.

2. Both the title and link of Bookmark and Share button function cannot display rightly after changing languages.
This bug in the previous version was detected after the user changes the language. However, this has been completely corrected in PubHTML5 V5.4.4. Now, the title and link of Bookmark and Share button function display rightly at all times.

3. Author display
This bug in the previous version prevented the author from displaying properly when editing book information. However, this problem has been totally resolved in PubHTML5 V5.4.4

4. Flip book offline
The bug of "The Pro and Gold user cannot publish the content of page editor of flipbook offline" has also been thoroughly looked into.

5. Highlight color bug
The problem of "there is no highlight color on search results under right to left mode" is a thing of the past with this new version released by PubHTML5

6. Fix print function compatibility with Safari
There was the issue of the print function. In the previous version, it could not work properly with the page editor Safari. Now, print function is compatible with the page editor.

7. Page rotation bug
The bug that affected the display of elements on the page has been fixed. Now, all properties are in their right position after rotating

8. Optimize the text feature of Page Editor.
The page editor has also undergone several improvements to make flip book better. This includes the text features. It can help users to create more interactive flipbooks that outperforms others.

9. View on Mobile devices
Now the info window can pop up rightly on mobile devices.

10. Improved Audio feature
Play from start attribute for audio feature of Page Editor has been added.

This upgrade means all users are getting top notch service for various forms of content marketing. Take advantage of this and be assured of getting the very best out of all content marketing and digital publications. The HTML5 flipbook can directly published on PubHTML5 cloud platform. There is no doubt that it will let you stand ahead of others.

For more or have a try, please visit http://pubhtml5.com/.

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PubHTML5 delivers a series of digital publishing solutions for all walks of life. It also owns an online platform which can convert PDF to HTML5 flipbook in minutes. In the future, it will add more outstanding features to meet the needs of users.

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