United Kingdom; 13, April 2015: A company should have proper human resource policies to be legally compliant and run successfully. Its focus should be driving its performance and delivering successful results. HR is significant to boost the engagement of staff to get the most out of their time with the company. HR Revolution Shop specializes in providing a wide range of HR services through templates and services for businesses with real drive. It offers free HR guides and free HR templates in form of tips and hints to create various HR policies and procedures. Many guides offered by the company give an overview of options to companies and different businesses for setting up in the UK. Almost each and everything required from HR perspective are available for clients.

HR Revolution Shop approaches everything taking into account the result or outcome. Some of the free HR documents include criminal record consent form, dress code and electronic device policy, jury service policy, employee equipment allocation form and others. The employment contract template prepared by experts ensures that employees are employed on consistent terms. All the aspects like termination, intellectual property rights, confidentiality, restrictive covenants, holidays and sickness, garden leave and payment in lieu are covered. A tailor made and thorough document is provided to clients by HR specialists to establish business requirements and relationships.

The employee handbook template provided by HR Revolution Shop professionals outline company brand, vision and significant policies. Such a handbook has unparalleled significance providing management team and staff with things to know about company, rules, regulations, procedures and policies. This tailored document can be given to employees directly or through HRIS system. The HR templates provided for clients will be able to do various administrative works such as letters, paperwork, bonus letters etc.

HR Revolution Shop provides templates for clients to conduct a salary survey with ease. It is designed to outline salary banding, other benefits and compensation structures. Multiple stages of investigation are carried out to ensure the provided information is reliable and accurate. The performance review template is also one of the chargeable documents of the company. It offers guidance on the process and obligations for both employer and employee. After purchasing a service, a HRREV consultant contacts the client to ensure everything needed is provided with.

The Recruitment Pack and Induction Pack are also offered on the HR Revolution Shop. These are all-encompassing guides with complete templates to deliver and develop innovative and commercially viable recruitment and on-boarding solutions. HR Revolution Shop enjoys working with entrepreneurial thinking businesses to help engage and drive their people towards bigger achievements. It has a trained, committed and energetic team with sound morals and business ethics.

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HR Revolution Shop is a one stop solution for companies and businesses to formulate templates for various HR policies. Experienced professionals provide the most updated and strategic advice for helping businesses to thrive in future. Visit the website for more information on the services offered.