The world’s largest tax services provider has announced it is offering discounts for filing taxes online.

July 12 2016 — A new article on the American Tax Service website reveals the “H&R Block Discount for Online Tax Filing”. The company’s online tax filing programs provide other benefits as well, including the Free Tax Refund Calculator and W-2 Finder. Author Frank Ellis reveals the online service is being offered at a significant discount coupon price.

Online filing also makes available various H&R Block products to customers. In addition to the confidence of an established leading tax provider, customers get instructions and quick tax refunds. A technical support team is also available, so people can find help at any time.

The author goes on to highlight four main products. These include H&R Block Free, with tax preparation provided at no cost. It also includes printing and e-filing, while W-2 forms can be imported. Taxpayers can also see the reasons why the refund amounts come to what they are. People can also take advantage of H&R Block Basic, more suitable for self-employed individuals. For a small fee, it adds the ability to import 1099s and find tax returns from up to six years ago.

H&R Block Deluxe is more suited for homeowners and calculating metrics such as mortgage interest, dividends, and charitable donations. The top level service is H&R Block Premium. It is ideal for those with more complex filing situations such as property owners and self-employed taxpayers.

The author also reveals a bonus from H&R Block. Taxpayers can choose what part of their refund goes towards purchasing e-gift cards from select popular retailers. Additional savings is therefore possible by using H&R Block Discount Online Tax Filing, Frank Ellis reveals in the article.

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