Having a new baby in your life is something to celebrate. It brings joy and happiness to the family. At the same time though, the expenses of taking care of an infant can be a bit daunting. Diapers, milk bottles and other baby products can get pretty expensive. Taking advantage of baby freebies available can't be more advised and recommended.

This is why Pampers, the leading baby diapers maker of Procter and Gamble has been giving out really good baby freebies over their website at Pampers Gifts to Grow in Pampers Village.

It is a good thing that Procter and Gamble's line of baby products and diapers, Pampers, know how much these baby freebies mean to parents. With their Pampers Village and Pampers Gift to Grow websites, they are able to offer a lot of good deals for new and old parents alike.

When you are enrolled in the Pampers Village newsletter, you can get coupons in your email plus a couple of baby freebies for the new line of products that they have. They also have an annual sweepstakes that you can take advantage of. You can actually win a whole year's supply of baby items with this.

The Gifts to Grow program works this way. Every time you make a purchase of Pampers products, you will get a corresponding code for it. When you get yourself enrolled in the program, you can enter all these accumulated codes into the website and turn them into points. All of these points can be redeemed for a given reward of baby products. The more Pampers items you buy, the more codes you get, the higher your number of points, the better goodies you can get.

As Procter and Gamble exclusively distributes Pampers, the main company also have its own rewards program. On top of Pampers promotions, Procter and Gamble, as a wider company, has their P&G Saver rewards promotion. This is their very own rewards program that offers goodies and freebies through online coupons. You can print and exchange these coupons to different local retailers and merchants.

There are online websites that you might encounter that will offer you discounts and coupons. They would usually claim that they can give you good offers with different merchants and can save you loads. Be careful of such claims and promotions as there are those who will just run away with your information. We understand how valuable these deals are given the economy. Only trust people and merchants that you know when dealing with this.

So again, for all those baby freebies that you can get from the Pamper's website alone, you know that you are getting yourself a good deal. They say that some of these Pamper's coupons get their discounts doubled or tripled in different stores like Wal-Mart, Albertsons and many others. One Pampers coupon amounts to only one item. But you can always bundle it up with promotions of other merchants and stores. You may also want to try checking out local magazines and flyers in these stores as Pampers also gives out such kinds of promotions aside from the ones they already give out online.

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