In addition to a well-balanced and nutritious diet, maintaining good health requires proper exercise, managing illnesses and infirmities, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, sports brand King Athletic states. King Athletic’s Stability Balance Yoga Ball( is the answer to these three health goals.

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A fitness ball is a versatile health tool that is not meant for Yoga exercises alone. It is perfect for daily activities such as simple stretching or even sitting while doing office work or school projects. To get the most of its numerous benefits, it is important to choose a top-rated, high-quality fitness ball that is proportion to the body’s height and size.

“As compared to other gym equipment, a fitness ball is simple and easy to use,” King Athletic spokesperson Benjamin Davies says. “Exercises employing this tool aren’t complicated at all. Despite its simplicity, a fitness ball can do wonders for body sculpting. It also helps in gaining strength, balance, and stability.”

Fitness ball exercises develop and challenge the body’s different muscle groups. Some 15-minute fitness ball workouts everyone may try are: plank, crunch, side squat, and triceps dip. How effective are fitness ball exercises? Well, these are not meant for fitness beginners alone. Fitness ball workouts are proven effective in improving athlete performance, too.

Fitness Balls are also an effective tool used in Physical Therapy. At first, fitness balls were commonly used just for rehabilitation purposes. Physical therapists use it to help patients gradually relieve injuries, especially, lower back injuries. Until today, fitness balls are still used for the same purpose. For patients with scoliosis, fitness ball therapy do not actually treat the condition. However, it helps reduce its symptoms, thus, providing relief.

A fitness ball is also a smart alternative for a chair. Using a fitness ball doesn’t only promote physical health, it also improves mental health as well. It has been found out that using it as a chair enables individuals to develop better mental focus, alertness, and organizational skills.

Using the King Athletic Fitness Ball as a chair is also a great technique to avoid sedentary lifestyle, the brand says. This is why more and more people are replacing their chairs with a fitness ball, whether at work or at school.

A fitness ball is great for everyone, whatever his condition or age is. It can be used for fun, play, work, school, mild workouts, physical therapy or even serious physical training for athletes.

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