Initially, six sigma was introduced as an in-house quality management initiative at Motorola in 1986 by Bill Smith. Since then, a number of major companies in various industries have embraced the six sigma doctrine as core part of their strategy with impressive results. Nonetheless, owing to the growing popularity of six sigma initiatives over the past decade or so, acquiring six sigma certification Nevada has become a must to move up the ladder. Indeed, brand value and recognition of six sigma certification is a major factor at almost all levels. To this effect there are many noted associations and reputed universities where you can sign up for Six sigma Vancouver training.


Firstly, select a six sigma Vancouver institute that offers packages across all six sigma belt levels. Additionally, you should look out for programmes that test your knowledge of six sigma methodologies in practical scenarios as well. Understanding the six sigma doctrine is very different from applying the same in a real world scenario. This is why many institutes only provide certification after participating in a few six sigma projects even after successfully completing written tests.


Finally, before you make up your mind, go through past reviews and do your own due diligence instead of relying on advertisements. As stated earlier, there are plenty of well known associations offering competitive packages. While in-house programmes might be off limits, there are several notable universities with visiting consultants you might want to consider. It is also worth noting that work experience and leadership skills can potentially trump six sigma certification Nevada from any institute.


To ensure your rise up the corporate ladder, possessing a six sigma certification Nevada is a must. The process begins with identifying a suitable six sigma Vancouver institute which is both reputed and reliable in terms of providing training.