19 July, 2014: The Dell Inspiron 23 all-in-one has a very thin display, optional discrete graphics, an HDMI input, and a screen that folds all the way down like a tabletop PC.The line between Dell’s more budget-friendly consumer Inspiron line and its high-end XPS line has been blurring for some time. Of course, expecting these two disparate brands to stay cleanly separated is too much to ask, considering Dell’s consumer lineup a few years ago included a confusing array of Inspiron, Dimension, Studio, XPS, and Studio XPS PCs (and briefly, Adamo).

That leaves us with a product like the new Inspiron 23. It’s a sharp-looking 23-inch all-in-one with a 1080p touch screen, and in our review configuration, it includes a high-end fourth-gen Core i7 processor, 12GB of RAM, 1TB hybrid hard drive, and discrete AMD graphics. The look and feel is not identical to the very high-end XPS 27 we reviewed (and loved) recently, but it’s very close. In fact, the Inspiron 23 even has a more useful and flexible hinge that can fold the screen down flat, almost like a tabletop PC.

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