For those looking to pass the postal exam 473, a lot is at stake. The exam is only offered once per year, and only those scoring 90 percent or better are likely to receive an interview invitation. As of the week of March 15, only a total of 2,002 positions are available… in the entire country. Needless to say, competition is fierce. “It is critical that an applicant prepare for this exam,” says Troy McCawley, Director of Job Placement for, a nationwide resource center for those seeking employment with the United States postal service. “An entire year is a long time to wait for a second chance.” McCawley is offering applicants the following exam 473 study tips:

- Start early; locate nearest testing center and mark calendar for upcoming test date

- Commit to regular postal exam practice study times

- Learn the four postal exam 473 components: Address Checking, Forms Completion, Coding and Memory

- Devote separate study time to each component

- Time practice exams; 90 minutes to complete 236 questions at 38 seconds each

- Use an electronic/online postal exam 473 test simulator

- Purchase a current postal exam study guide and related materials

Although there is no one “official” postal exam study guide, McCawley says these tips will help applicants prepare for exam success. And, exam success, he says, can be quite rewarding.

Starting pay for postal positions is a respectable $21 per hour, including health and retirement benefits and paid vacation time. The total compensation package can be worth, on average, $72,000 a year. New hires also receive paid, on-the-job training. Applicants will be competing for a variety of positions, including Mail Carrier, Rural Carrier Associate, Mail Handler, Mail Processor or Window Clerk. offers a variety of online resources for applicants, including a proprietary postal exam practice test simulator. To learn more about postal job placement or to obtain postal exam 473 assistance, visit the company website (

Company Name: Postal Job Placement
Contact Person: Troy McCawley, Director of Job Placement
Address: Atlanta, GA