29, February 2016: Airwheel X-series is the first one pushed out by Airwheel Technology. The design notion of Airwheel X-series is inspired by the acrobats. As for those highly skilled players, Airwheel X-series is a blessing because it offers them a perfect outlet to show off their thrilling wheelie. However, as for these beginners, it is a formidable challenge. The success in riding Airwheel X-series entails a long-time practice with patience and perseverance. Anya is a veteran player of Airwheel X8, who master the rope of steering Airwheel single-wheeled intelligent scooter. Hereby he is willing to share his previous experience with beginners.


Before mastering the steering Airwheel electric scooter X-series,it is highly necessary to have a good knowledge about how Airwheel X-series works. Airwheel X series is the sate-of-the-art means of transportation adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward.

Riders can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. Similar to the techniques of riding a bicycle, the riders achieve balance on Airwheel by slightly tilting sideways. With the knowledge to Airwheel X-series, it goes a long way toward mastering the skills of riding X-series.


Anya advises the beginners not to violent adjust to lean their body when they fall to one side. If they suddenly and violently lean to the other side. It will backfire. This is the common error made by the beginners. As beginners, it is quite common to fall off the Airwheel X-series. They have a way of falling over. What they need to do is to have another try. After all, practice makes perfect. Anya suggests that the beginner should start from Airwheel twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter Q-series. The step-by-step learning will restore the confidence of the rider in case he loses all of his confidence during learning to steer X-series.

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