Dotting the coastline that kisses Cardigan Bay in North Wales is the quaint historic town of Criccieth and there are a number of reasons as to why you must plan a trip to this part of United Kingdom. In addition to the attractions and fairs that Criccieth has to offer, Gwynedd as a region is home to some of the most picturesque scenic views and carries the legacy of being the cultural center. Of course, to experience all this, you must be settled in comfortable accommodation in Criccieth and among all the places to stay in Criccieth, an option that you must seriously consider pertains to guest house that offers bed-and-breakfast.

When you land in this part of the county of Wales, your first intention should be to look for accommodation which is centrally located in terms of the beach, local attractions and whatever other purpose you might have for your visit. At the same time it should not be too far away from your path of travel and needs to be well connected to the major hubs. Being a well known seaside town, most of the places to stay in Criccieth meet these requirements owing to a steady influx of tourists. So all you need to do is check the guest houses in the area and identify one on the basis of various criteria.

One of the first points that you must look for while searching for accommodation in Criccieth is whether you will be comfortable staying there not just in terms of living space but also with regard to the owners of the establishment. Because a guest house is much smaller as compared to a hotel, the level of interaction between the guest and owner is much higher and hence it is important to get along and cultivate a certain level of understanding. Likewise, a smaller establishment also implies that you will be privy to personalized service and plenty of attention which cannot be expected in a hotel.

Amenities notwithstanding, what truly distinguishes comfortable places to stay in Criccieth from the usual accommodation is the degree to which service can be personalized. At a guest house, you can actually take the liberty to specify how you want your eggs and bacon or how well done should your sirloin of beef be. All you need to do is to inform the proprietor or the service incharge about your preferences and that would take care of the situation. It is this flexibility that sets a bed-and-breakfast guest house apart from a hotel wherein personalization to this extent is simply not possible.

In terms of budget, a guest house definitely works out to be cheaper than a hotel because more often than not it is family owned business. It is a type of accommodation in Criccieth wherein a house has been converted to cater to visitors and all the requirements are looked after by the family members. Therefore, there is no question of competition and the emphasis is as much on the quality of care given as it on the revenue earned. Since the family belongs to that particular region, its members are knowledgeable about the region to the point of providing every single detail, thus eliminating the need to look for sources of information.

To enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cardigan Bay in North Wales, booking a suitable accommodation in Criccieth is a must courtesy of the town's proximity to the sea. Equally important it is to identify places to stay in Criccieth which would render the holiday special and memorable.