10, March 2016: Airwheel Z3 2-wheeled electric scooter is well received at home and abroad from the growing orders. From the purchasers’ feedback, the editor has collected some of the frequently asked questions and the most frequently asked question is how to fold the Airwheel Z3. Before answering this question, other FQAs that cover the product warranty, after-sales and installation also need to be solved.


For the product warranty, the electric scooter will be guaranteed for one year, and Batteries & Changers will be guaranteed for half a year. The consumable items such as tyres and fenders are not covered by warranty. If you need after-sales service, you can leave message through Facebook, official website or email. Please describe the malfunction in detail and the service you needed. We will inform the local distributors to provide after-sales for you. In the package, there is a Product Manual to explain the specific steps to install the scooter. If it is less useful, users can search the installation video in the official website.


For the specific steps to fold Airwheel Z3 intelligent electric scooter, you can follow these.Open the handle cover, adjust the screws at the back to appropriate location, let the handle can be inserted into the socket and marbles can be put in the holes in the alignment. After two marbles pop up, and then put the cover plate. Put the battery in the battery holder with a rubber ring. Connect the power line. Put tight both ends of the arrow towards the arrow of the same colour. Open the quick release, press the handle with the word “Press”, lift handlebar to 90 degrees to let the folding metal pop and be stuck on the frame, then lock the quick release. Open the quick release, lift handlebar, press the handle with the word “Press,” tuck up frame. Open the quick release, tighten the brake, put the handle forward, press the handle with the word “Press,” tuck up frame.

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