If you are going to Melbourne on business and expect to be away from your home for a period that’s less than a year, you are certainly considering your living arrangements. An option that you may consider is short term Melbourne accommodation. You may want to look for a fully furnished apartment for rent in Melbourne. By “fully furnished” it means that the apartment is stocked with everything that you may need, including linens and dishes, which can be very helpful, especially if you are frequently traveling for work.  You also may not wish to buy these things brand new, or move them with you to every part of Australia.



There are easy ways to find a fully furnished apartment for rent in Melbourne.  The first and the simplest way are to consult with your corporation’s department that is responsible for employee relocations.  Businesses that are always relocating personnel often have knowledge of short term Melbourne accommodations.  Many of these buildings have built relationships with companies and they cater to short term rental market.  This is the simplest solution because the rental arrangements including all the details of securing the housing are taken care of by the corporation.


If no such service is offered to you by the corporation, you can search in the phone book for a fully furnished apartment for rent in Melbourne. Your search may lead you to apartment buildings that specialize in short term Melbourne accommodation.  The internet is another good place to look for this type of housing. Travel websites that specialize in travel and accommodation arrangements are easy to find online.  Likewise, there are also forums and communities that post and advertise their own apartments for free.  People that use these websites are often flexible, when it comes to housing rentals for short terms.


As you start your search for a fully furnished apartment for rent in Melbourne, it will be best to keep all information intact, meaning nothing is eliminated, as long as it is within your budget.  During the process, you may start weeding out some options that you feel you do not need or are seemingly not right for your situation in particular.  With the advanced technology that we have today, it has become possible to view the exterior and the interior of the Melbourne accommodation on your computer screen. This will help you assess the suitability of the property to your needs.


Another method of finding a furnished apartment in Melbourne is to enlist the services of a real estate agent or companies that deal with furnished short term living accommodations. This is an option, if you do not want to make a search on your own.  Your requirements should be determined beforehand and also things that you can be flexible on.  For some people, what they would want is peace and quiet.  For others, though they would prefer a good location.


A shared housing is not recommended unless you are doubly sure that it will work for you.  It may probably be better to pay a bit more, or settle for a space that’s smaller, than sharing an accommodation.

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