USA - Almost all of us have one set of notebook. Maybe the laptop had been the luxury for most of us. But, nowadays, the laptop has become the normal thing in our daily life. With the users for the notebooks have become more, the problem has always occurred. One of the laptop users in California has told us that the problem which is how to extend the service life of notebook is now the hot point for the laptop users. Today, the professional person from the website would tell you how to protect your beloved notebook. The website howtecharticles is the professional article website for the new points and developments for the new technology.As we all know, the laptop battery is one of the key parts of our beloved notebook. When users buy a new laptop, the businesses owner will ask the users to fully charge the battery discharge three times.

In order to activate the laptop's battery, the best time period for per charge would be more than 12 hours. This allows the user to enter a misunderstanding area. In fact, the battery of the laptop would all be activated before they are out of the factory. In order to avoid the natural wear and tear affect the battery performance, the producer would leave only a small amount of residual energy. So if you buy a new set of laptop, you do not need to activate the battery of it.The second point is that we should discharge the battery timely and appropriate. To ensure the fully charged, we should regularly run out of battery power which is about a month.

To completely run out of battery power, we should simply shut down the power supply and run the programs which are the CPU-intensive tasks such as playing large-scale 3D games or watching high-definition video, which will soon be able to run out of battery power. However, there is no need to discharge the battery before each charging and it will do harm to the battery. When there are still more than 30 percent of electricity, we had better not to charge it otherwise it will shorten the battery life.  

The expert article from the how to computers  has also said that when many users insert into an AC, they would prefer to take out the laptop battery. It is to prevent the repeatedly charging and discharging. And the users think this is a good way to protect the battery, in fact, it is not necessary.

Because most notebook power control circuit are all have the design feature which is that the battery will be charged when the battery energy volume is below 90 percent or 95 percent. At the same time, if it occur a sudden power failure when the user is using a laptop when, the note would be damaged and the data of the notebook would be lost.  

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