Cocktail attire technically means a suit for men and a cocktail dress for women, which usually means a short dress (preferably not career wear). The black color is much preferred by most people but it is still depending how formal you think the event is, you can glam it up with accessories. Of course you have lots of leniency in what you wear -- a dressy pantsuit, a lovely skirt and top, or a black cocktail dress, etc. Everyone interprets the meaning of dress requests differently. But how to get the cocktail dress you wanted?

The cocktail dress is probably the most versatile of the special occasion dresses. Of course, you don't have to be going out for a drink to wear a cocktail dress. We have all heard of the "Little Black Dress" which is what we all think of when we hear cocktail dress.

1 Find the right one and save money
Cocktail dress is one of the most formal dresses and it is surely cost us lots of money. How to save money and find the right one is still the first thing we should know. We can get the cocktail dress in the local stores or order it in on line stores. Some of the on line stores like, one of the best cocktail dress on line stores, now offers the permanent free shipping to all over the world, the low price and high quality with free shipping on line shop can really save us lots money.

2 Pay attention to the details of the dress
The most popular choices are silk, stain and chiffon the length ranges from just above the knee to tea length (about two inches above the ankle) and sometimes touching the ankle. Your dress can accessorize with pearls, gold or silver tone jewelry or any other look you like. Of course, you do not need to put all those shiny things on you dress. We believe that Simplicity is beauty.

3 Don't be afraid to be different, but keep it comfy
You'll want to stand out from all the other girls or guys to catch your date's attention, but if you aren't completely comfortable in it then maybe save it for the second date. You definitely don't want to be fidgeting because of an itchy tag all night!