In order to purchase an exercise machine for your workouts at you home, you may have to choose between a hometrainer (exercise bike) and a crosstrainer (elliptical, stationary).  These are both cardio machines, but each one has its advantages and disadvantages.  You may need to compare the features offered both by the exercise bike and an elliptical.  Some of these features may include calorie burning during workout, the “boredom” factor along with the ease of use and most important the cost.  You might want to have a free membership in a gym, where you can use different exercise machines and find out which you like best.


In terms of calorie burning features, a crosstrainer or elliptical will allow you to burn more calories than when you use a hometrainer or an exercise bike.  Your whole body is involved, when you work out with an elliptical.  Your heart rate also increases in far less time as compared to an exercise bike.  Because the elliptical machine is easier to use than the other, there is a high chance that you may overextend yourself.  Just remember that for your first workout, you should go easy, until you’ve found out how far you can go.


A hometrainer machine creates less noise, and this is the equipment where your movements are controlled.  Compared to a crosstrainer, it would be easier to read a magazine, newspaper or a book or watch television, while you are working out on an exercise bike.  You can prevent boredom at work, if your brain is entertained while your body gets a workout, even if it is only for 30 minutes.


Before you do a more intense cardio exercise, a hometrainer can help you warm up first.  Ten minutes on the machine makes your body warm and your heart rate rise. On the other side, a crosstrainer is already a workout in itself involving both your lower and upper body.


Exercise bikes are ideal for people, who are suffering from back or joint-pains.  These machines are non-weight bearing types.  Elliptical machines are great for people looking for more intense programs, such as runners.  These machines should be properly adjusted so that any aggravating injuries and pains can be avoided.  These two exercise machines are not weight machines and when you use any of these, what you get is an aerobic workout that is good for your lungs and heart.  To experience the complete benefits from these machines, you can add additional weight to your routine.


Cardio exercises involve moving your body’s major group of muscles repetitively for a pre-set time.  Machines that are specifically made for this purpose are the exercise bikes and the elliptical and these are designed to give you workouts in any kind of weather and from the comfort of your place where you live. Cardio machines can help you lose weight, lowering your risk for diseases.  So whichever piece of exercise machine you choose to buy and use for your at-home workout, be sure that you use your equipment on a regular basis.  This will help you attain health advantages that are long-lasting.


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