Who doesn’t love to decorate his rooms? But, it may not always a DIY method. As for instance, the installation of the silestone worktops in your kitchen or bathroom may appear to be an easy job for you. Once you focus your attention to every detail, you will understand how each measurement and step are necessary to be done correctly to do the job flawlessly. Hence, it’s better to play safe by getting assistance from the fitters. They will install the slab properly so that you won’t have to face any future problem regarding it.


Installation of the Silestone Countertops

  1. Measure the worktop: The first step involves the measurement of the countertop which they have to carry out perfectly because if there is a mistake of even a single inch during measuring, the whole installation will go wrong.
  2. Install the kitchen cabinets: They then check out whether the cabinets are properly leveled. Moreover, they also have to find out whether the cabinets are tightly attached to the wall and the floor. This is a very important step for all types of installation of solid surface worktops. If the cabinets are not attached tightly to the wall, then after installation, some gaps will be left between the slab and the wall which will ultimately affect the kitchen surface.
  3. Create a sample: The fitters use a solid material to create a sample of the worktop that they are going to install. And, after that they paste plywood of 1.9 cm on the cabinet which provides support to the additional weight of the countertop. They make sure that the plywood they have set is leveled with the cabinet. Once they check the level, they attach the plywood on the top of the cabinets with screws.
  4. Place the worktop: With great care, the fitters place the silestone countertop on the plywood.
  5. Make space for sink: With a marker, they draw line around the hole for the sink on the reinforcement of the plywood. Then, they remove the worktop and start making a hole with a spade drill bit. When they have installed the sink, they have to level the worktop and screw it.
  6. Fill the seams: They fill both the sides of the seams with blue painter’s tape. After that, to hide the blue painter tape, they mix polyester-based resin with three different colors. Then, they mix 97% resin with 3% hardener to add them to the color. They press the color to the seam using a putty knife. To match closely with the color of the chosen countertop, they go on repeating the process with other colors too. When they have filled the seam, they remove the painter’s tape.


After going through the process, you must have understood that the installation of the silestone worktops is not so easy. So, call a professional to avoid installation issues in future. They will install it once to let you enjoy its benefits forever.


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