A fact revealed by many archaeological sites is that the making and designing of jewelry has been around for thousands of years. What is so interesting about this field, or form of art work, is that it can be done on any level. You can discover some amazing independent jewelry craftsmen with a lot of experience who can do some amazing work. You then have large manufacturers who produce multiple pieces from the same design. It all starts with a basic concept and boils down to the creativity of the designer. Clearly, the people working in this field have a very high level of creativity when one considers how many different designs are manufactured every year.

Artisans in the world of jewelry design are using computers and software more and more frequently to aide in their design work. It's difficult to know where to draw the line between those who are skilled in designing with the use of software and those who are traditionally trained. Those who employ traditional jewelry design methods need to have an in-depth understanding of various mechanical and structural factors. Metallurgy is also something traditional designers need to be familiar with, which is the science of metals. It's true that computer software is becoming more popular but it still hasn't completely revolutionized jewelry design.

The reason for its name is because the particular type of cut that it has allows for maximum reflectivity of light. The shape of the stone ends up conical in form. The top of the stone then becomes the apex or point where all of the light is redirected. Though beautiful, the stone is cut down to over half its original size when this is done. Choosing a fancy or brilliant cut is usually determined by the actual shape of the gemstone.

The third type of jewelry we want to talk about is the widely-available contemporary jewelry. There is just tons of this jewelry to choose from. Every year we eagerly await the introduction of the new lines by the world's leading fashion designers. This is a field that is not static, but dynamic and ever-changing. This annual evolution also applies to contemporary jewelry as the jewelry designers compete also to become trendy and popular. When the new lines of contemporary jewelry, as well as designer clothing, are released each year it's anybody's guess which products will be loved and which hated. But, that's the way it goes in the fashion world. But one thing that is interesting is the influence of celebrities in both music and movies in fashion and jewelry. It's astonishing how women everywhere will copy the style of their favorite public figure, whether in the movie industry, the music industry, or even politics.

Women love fashion jewelry for all kinds of reasons, these are just the tip of the ice burg. It really isn't the cost of the jewelry that brings about this lasting love affair but the feeling you get when you're wearing that perfect extra touch for your outfit.

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