24, May 2016: More or less, there were some problems about electric scooters during the development but the merits reflected on electric scooters have been accepted. For instance, the balance of control is better than human body and the moving principle is more advanced than general electric vehicle. Besides, they are nothing to do with the parking or refueling issues.

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Nowadays, how to control air pollution has been the global challenge. Apart from providing the fire-new intelligent transporting solutions, electric scooters have made potential contributions for environment protection.


The intelligent electric scooter industry is growing up by improving the core technology and material. More and more enterprises realize the importance of mutual effect between convenience and safety. Airwheel, as a developing manufacturing company in making intelligent equipment, insists to dig into the pain points exposed in real application and rethinks the purpose of creating electric scooter and its social value.


Do not regard electric air board or skateboard as a simple vehicle for daily commuting. As for Airwheel, from single wheel to two wheels and twin wheels, from large tyres of supporting two-mode riding postures to the customized tyres, its products make it possible for seeking more applicable circumstances. Technical considerations like the emergency braking system, intelligent taillight system and the intelligent interconnection App for Z series two-wheel electric scooter are made to impede a future disaster.


Continuous upgrading also proofs Airwheel’s great vision. To realize the core value “joy, smart and efficient”, it launched the new generation products. Electric scooter can be a portable power source, such as Z5 standing up electric scooter and the shape of operating rod can be designed to be arc, for example S8 double-wheels electric scooter. Even the service robot S9 has been created.

In the future self-balancing scooter market, Airwheel will keep faith in bringing more and more sincere products to us.

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