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Water issues and water problems are common in many areas in the United States, but it seems that never like this kind has ever happened because of large populations of algae that have reportedly formed in waterways in Florida. It has reportedly alarmed people and communities in the area.

In a recent report on The Weather Channel, the governor of Florida Rick Scott has declared state of emergency in two counties because of the increasing populations of green algae over the waterways and beaches of the area of Treasure Coast.

Described as “guacamole-thick,” these algal blooms have been seen around the waterways, beaches and canals in South Florida and they have “been incubating, and growing and growing,” according to more information on The Weather Channel. Aside from these, the lives of the people around those areas have already been disturbed because they emit of foul smell described as very atrocious.

The report stated that the algae blooms began last month in the Lake Okeechobee when authorities and water officials stumbled upon a 33-square mile algae formation in the lake. There were samples taken recently in June and they were said to come from the lake that contained “more than 20 times the amount of toxins considered hazardous by the World Health Organization.”

How algal blooms can affect drinking water

There have been so much written about algal blooms, and reading these, people might think that they do not have much direct effect in the water that they consume. But in an article on the US Environmental Protection Agency, it can be concluded that they have effects on drinking water no matter how indirect they can be.

Harmful algal blooms are known to produce dangerous and toxic components that can make people and animals sick and some can even be fatal. The agency also noted that these blooms can make dead zones in the water and increase treatment costs when it comes to water used for drinking. They can also affect industries that are dependent on clean water.

How HealthyWiser’s TDS meter can help

If a consumer lives in the area where water issues like these occur, or live in a nearby location, it is better to be sure than to regret things that can happen in the future. It has been strongly recommended to use devices such as HealthyWiser’s TDS meter to test water quality in the businesses and homes so they can be sure that the water they use are clean.

This device is available on Amazon and can also be used for different purposes, from drinking water, water pools, spas and water treatment facilities. They are professional-grade water test kits that can provide accurate results for water testing. Visit their page for more information.
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