In February 2013, Sixty Minutes reported that over 40 million Americans have errors on their credit reports. The reporter, Steve Croft, showed the difficulty in getting his own report fixed. Many people who have credit report errors have encountered these problems without a solution:

a) You call and talk to people who don’t understand your problem
b) You call and talk to people who tell you to fill out forms on the Internet which you already did
c) You call talk to people who tell you about company policies that make no sense
d) You write letters and get a form letter response that has nothing to do with your issue
e) You write letters and get a response telling you to take steps that you’ve already taken
f) You receive a response from the credit bureaus that they have verified the information on your credit report is accurate
g) You are told by some credit repair firm that they can help you and 5 months later and a few hundred dollars poorer, you have nothing

But now, the frustrated and tattered have a solution says author and blogger, Larry Klein. “I used small claims court to get American Express and Citicorp to fix errors on my credit report. In each case, the problem was solved within 60 days after fling my case and the cost per claim was under $100. People don’t need to hire an attorney or waste their precious time sending letter after letter or employing credit repair firms that do the same. Just use small claims court to get the attention of the people who will fix the problem for you.”

Klein has documented the step-by-step process he used in his ebook “How to Fix Your Credit Report — What to do When Credit Bureaus Ignore Your Credit Report Dispute.”

Klein adds, “People don’t understand that the credit bureaus simply report whatever the creditor tells them. The error is really with the creditor and to get their attention, you must have formal legal documents to get to their legal department. Only then will you get someone with a brain and some authority to take action for you.”

The ebook can be ordered at Dispute Your Credit Report ( and is guaranteed to work or you can return it in 60 days for a refund.

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