Australians have long-embraced international festivals that promote fun and frivolity.None more so than Oktoberfest, the 16-day folk festival that traces its origins back to 18th century Germany, when citizens of Munich were invited to attend the wedding celebrations of Bavarian royalty.

Since it’s early inception, the festival has now evolved into a celebration of classic Bavarian fare, folk music, and of course, beer.

Outside of Munich, many consider Australians to offer the most authentic Oktoberfest celebrations, with universities and pubs hosting some of the most boisterous and lively celebrations. Perhaps one of the most iconic establishments for celebrating this world famous festival however, is Hofbrauhaus, having spent almost half a century in the heart of Melbourne.

Hofbrauhaus has hosted Oktoberfest celebrations since 1968, where they boast that hard-to-please restaurant goers have chosen the Hofbrauhaus as the destination of choice for authentic Bavarian food, “fun and frolich”.

Co-owner of Hofbrauhaus, Chris Zechner( says that they are fiercely independent and aren’t restricted by Munich’s corporate breweriesin regards to the alcohol they offer.

“We are completely independent, which means we have the freedom to branch out into the best boutique breweries and liquor producers in Bavaria,” he says.

Oktoberfest is about much more than just beer however, as many Germans would attest. The focus is also on folk music and family fun.

“We’re not only about great food and drink, but also about great music and great people. Put simply, we want to show people a good time,”Zechner says.

Hofbrauhaus also abides by the German Purity Laws, which dictate how German beer should be produced. This law has been in place for close to 500 years and was first introduced in Bavaria, but quickly spread throughout Germany.

“We pride ourselves on the authentic flavours of our Biers and I believe our customers appreciate this dedication to quality,” Zechner says.

Hofbrauhaus sells beer on-tap and a list of the best bottled boutique beers. You won’t be stuck for choice, with beers ranging from the light and dark malt largers, to cloudy pale ales and crisp pilsners, Hofbrauhaus is committed to serving the best beer Bavaria has to offer.

Not only that, but they are actually 1.3% stronger than your regular brew and boast an alcohol volume of around 6%.

The fun doesn’t stop at the beer, either. Their food menu is stocked with Bavarian specialties, including German Bratwurst, Hahnchen Schnitzel and GoulaschSuppe. For the more adventurous diners, there’s the option of completing the Hofbrauhaus Schnitzel Challenge, which entails a 1.5kg pork schnitzel, a large bowl of chips and a litre of beer from the tap.

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