IndieGoGo has been a wonderful place for individuals and companies that are aiming to develop and introduce a product that will be helpful for the day to day living of everyone. Today, a new product has been developed and is now featured on IndieGoGo. This product will be the first smart WiFi radar video bells. This proposed project will be the world’s first radar detector for doorbell camera.

This product is known as Hoteny Pro and it comes with great features such as a 180 degree camera and HD video Live View bell. Hoteny Pro is expected to be sold at a price of $99 early bird.

The world of smart home surrounds everyone and is bringing safety for all. But, the problem is that the camera solution is so low, producing blurred and poor quality photos while the sound produced by the sound alarm is mostly delayed from current gadgets available in the market. To resolve the issue, the new Hoteny Pro was created and introduced. This is the product that can give anyone the best solution for total peace of mind. It was made using the latest technology so everyone can expect a great performance in using this tool. Hoteny Pro is guaranteed to benefit the users in 3 ways. The first of these is that it comes with built-in double radar and an infrared gleam sensor. The next one is that it can instantly detect any movement as it comes with a fast motion detector. There is no need to deal with hard and tough wire installation because this tool is designed to be powered by rechargeable batteries. Hoteny Pro will come as a complete package that includes a Hoteny Pro video doorbell and a Wi-Fi extender and chime. It is designed to work within a distance of seventeen feet. The unmatched car radar and infrared gleam sensors would let your mobile phone obtain the alarm right away when someone comes close to the property where it was installed.

The inventors of this product expect that everyone will be enticed to support them in this project. Donations of any amount will be gladly accepted. They also assure that the proposed product will be function according to the needs and expectations of users and that they will be happy to learn how it works.

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