Some of the aspects that lots of people would find astonishing to learn about horseback riding are that there are several types of horse riding styles. Before you lease or buy a horse or even take Horse Riding Lessons Derby, you need to decide which style you are interested in. Each of these horseback riding styles includes various kinds of tack (Horse riding materials like bridles and saddles) and the horseman also assumes various riding positions in the saddle. For instance, when it comes to sitting on the saddle seat, the horseman sits further back. Choosing a riding style is really a personal choice. You have to study a little bit about various styles and choose one that appeals to you. A couple of most common styles include saddle seat, Westerns, Dressage, Hunt Seat and more.


Saddle seat is one of the most popular English style horse riding. However, according to historians this style was originated from the South America. In Mexico and Argentina this is one of the most popular riding styles. Most Horse Riding Lessons Derby instructors will advise you to choose Racking Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses and American Saddle reds to practice this style. This is because these horses have more “knee action” than any other varieties available in the horse market. The main purpose of learning this style is to show the skills in front of the public. However, professional saddles riders can also do trail riding. When it comes to competitions, the position of the rider will mark more than the style of riding.


Hunt Seat is another English horse riding style developed from the popular English sports fox hunting. One of the advantages of learning this style is that it is popular all around the world. This sport is for riders who love jumping. Those who learn this style will automatically participate in the show jumping. Show jumping is an activity which involves higher jumps. When it comes to competitions, the ability of the rider is mainly judged by his controlling skills while jumping over the fences and on the flat (at the centre, trot and walk). Thoroughbred horses and Warmbloods are two specific species used to do this sport.


Another popular English horseback riding style is Dressage. Dressage Training Derby provides sufficient lessons to learn this style. Keep in mind that this is one of the oldest riding styles in the world. If you are interested in this style, then you should take on the Dressage Training Derby. Military manoeuvres are the highlights of this style. When it comes to competition, the position and the movements of the legs and hands will be judged more than the movements of the horse.

Western style is also known as cowboy style. Those who are the fans of cowboy movies can try to learn this style from various Derby institutions. Now Western model riding has become a show riding. Those who are interested in this style will learn the cutting, roping, reining, gymkhana, trail and more.


If you have decided you want to try Horse Riding Lessons Derby , you are well on your way to having an unforgettable Dressage Training Derby experience.