03, April 2015: The holiday season has come to a close and house guests around the country have gone home. While the endless dinners and parties may be over, the cleanup party has really just begun. It’s likely that the everyday cleaning chores have taken place, but what about the carpets? The wine stains in the dining room have to be dealt with and there may be a few surprise coffee stains in the guest room that Aunt Tina forget to mention before she left. All is not lost, because Honor Carpet Cleaning has outlined 3 tips that every homeowner should read before they tackle their post holiday carpet cleaning. 

It’s Test Time 

No matter what carpet cleaning solution the homeowner decides to use, a small area should be tested before the main carpet cleaning is done. This area should be no larger than a dime and should be in a corner of the room that no one really sees. This is because the effect of the carpet cleaning solution won’t be known until it’s tested. It also may take a few tries to really understand how to use the product. In the end, it’s far better to make a carpet cleaning mistake in a small corner of the room, then right in the middle of it. 

Work Your Way In 

Carpets need to be cleaned in a very specific way and removing stains from them is no different. Homeowners should know that when they’re working on a stubborn stain that need to start from the outside of the stain and work their way into the middle. This is very important because it prevents the stain from becoming larger. “If you work on a carpet stain from the middle of it and work your way out you’ll actually risk spreading the stain around. That makes it’s harder to get rid of and wastes your valuable time.”, said Anton Hermes of Honor Carpet Cleaning. 

Protection for Next Year 

Once the carpets are clean, many people just leave it at that and forget about them until a bowlful of spaghetti and meatballs is spilled at the next holiday party. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Homeowners that want their carpets to last longer can hire a professional carpet cleaning come to their home to apply scotchgard to their carpets.This product repels liquids and makes carpet cleaning a breeze. It doesn’t last forever, so homeowners should have it applied at least once a year for best results. 

These basic carpet cleaning tips should help the average homeowner whip their carpets into shape after a lengthy list of holiday get togethers. If they can’t get the stain out themselves, they should call a professional carpet cleaning company before they try any other carpet cleaning method. This will save them the heartache of possibly ruining their carpets and the drudgery of trying to remove a tough stain all afternoon. 

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