Forget about Paris being the city of love! If you are a single person in Hong Kong you will have all the chances in the world of finding the man or woman of your dreams. Not only is it a place where people from all corners of the world meet, but its amazing landscapes make it a perfect city for dating. Apart from this, companies which are specialized on matrimonial services understand that not everybody is capable of finding a partner by themselves and have developed quality matchmaking websites. The Hong Kong dating for marriage scene is highly developed and events where singles get to meet other singles are organized almost every day.


These venues are called speed dating and their purpose is to gather in the same place single people who are part of the same age group, have a similar social status and educational background. This type of action is usually done by specialized company, and those people who want to participate can sign up online, at the firm’s head office or by calling this number:852-51131420. Speed dating can come in several forms, so it is best to know what you are singing up for. One of the most popular types of matching people up is the “Table for Six” type of arrangements. This means six stranger, usually three men and three women, will meet in a formal dinner set up which will take place in a restaurant from Hong Kong. These people will have the possibility to enjoy a delicious dinners, whilst discussing interests, hobbies and goals.


Another type of meeting which can be planned by organizers is a regular single’s party. Even though the themes and locations may very, the idea behind these events is the same: to get together a group of single people and give them the possibility to bond, make friends and find compatible partners. Also, matchmakers can organize speed dating dinners for a group of 30 people or more. This type of even is one of the most efficient ways of meeting new people, because participants will have the opportunity of talking to more than 15 singles in one day. If you are not familiar with how this goes, you must know that each man will have a few minutes to talk to the first single woman he is sited at the table with. After the time is up, he will move to the next woman sitting at the next table and start a new conversation. At the end of meeting, each of the participants will write on a piece of paper the name of the people they felt more connected to. If the organizers find matches, the people will be paired up, or will be given the possibility to exchange phone numbers and other important information.

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