With the divorce rate growing day by day in all parts of the globe, it is no wonder that those who are single are not hurrying to tie the knot. People have become more reluctant to get married because they fear that might not find the right person. Some give up on the idea completely, whereas others keep looking for love unsuccessfully because they choose the wrong place. But where can you find someone who is caring, reliable, and compassionate and all those other things you want your future wife or husband to be? If you are living in China, the surrounding countries or planning on moving to Asia soon to find true love, speed dating serviced in Hong Kong may solve your problems faster than you can say “I do!”.


As more and more people are struggling to find true love, speed dating for marriage is a very common custom in Hong Kong, as it is in most cities through out Asia. It is fair to say that the idea behind this type of matchmaking service is quite old and started with single Jewish people who would organize meetings and get-togethers with the purpose of finding spouses. In the modern era the whole concept is taken at another level, and those who are in charge with planning a speed dating event will think everything through to the last detail. From the place where the meeting will take place, to how many people should attend and other important aspects, these organizers will try to make sure that at least half of the people present find someone special.


If you do not know how this type of event goes, but still might want to give it a shot, we can help you with some “heads-up” information. First of all, you must understand these meetings are usually organized in restaurants or other types of rooms with lots of tablets. This is vital aspect because each participant (usually males) will move from one table to another and discuss with a female partner for 8 to 10 minutes and see if they click. This gives you the possibility of not only meeting all the people you are interested in, but also  of making an informed decision about who you are planning on asking on date. Secondly, you will be able make many friends and find people who are in the same situation as you are. You will find people you can connect with, find a new group with whom you can go hiking, find people who are into the same music and go to a concert together, or maybe just a shoulder to cry on.


Attending a speed dating meeting will cost you around $250, but you will be able to reduce your costs considerably if you make the payment in advance. You will know from the start if the people attending are speakers of English, Chinese or any other language. The people in charge with organizing the even will also inform you about weather or not the event has a dress code. Usually, all attendees are asked to dress business/formal, but all people are accepted if they are dressed decently. Regular meetings consist of 30 people (15 males/15 females) or more and, according to experts in the field, speed dating has a success rate higher than any other type of dating. If you wish to know more on the matter, call this expert’s business number today: 852-51131420.

If you are in Hong Kong dating for marriage, you are one of the luckiest singles out there. We offer the best speed dating services in Hong Kong! Come find true love today.