If you are a busy man or woman not having time to hit the gym every day, at the same time to do workouts either, it is only natural for you to be out of shape and also suffer from certain diseases. Exercises are a must for all of us and there is really no excuse good enough to justify, not doing any kind of workout or stretching exercises. How about buying an exercise bike to do some exercise at home without putting too much of stress on yourself and still deriving all the benefits of a workout at a gym? Yes, this is what is possible today with the help of a Hometrainer.


Get quality workouts at home

A Hometrainer is designed to provide low impact workouts for you, so that your knees and ankles do not suffer from any injury or stress while doing exercise on an exercise bike. An exercise bike is designed to provide all the benefits of walking and running, sitting in the comfort of your own home. In fact, if you have been making use of the elevator to get to your office, there is no need to feel guilty as a Hometrainer workout also provides the benefits of stair climbing.


You can even enjoy music or TV while doing exercise on a Home trainer

With the help of a Hometrainer, you can hope to get a total body workout including cardio vascular workout to keep your heart in good shape. Doing a workout on a cross trainer is almost fun with very little effort required to push the pedals to get the workout done for your legs and thighs. Elliptical trainers today make use of heavy flywheels to allow very smooth operation that does not create any noise while doing workout. This means you can enjoy your favorite TV program, while exercising in your bedroom or living room.


Another great fitness equipment to keep in good shape and tone your body muscles in a fun filled manner is loopband. In fact, it was loopband that was more common and popular among all those who were desirous of a gym quality workout at home earlier till elliptical trainers arrived on the scene. Also called a treadmill, a loopband allows you to have all the benefits of walking and running by standing on a platform that keeps moving.


Once you step on the moving platform of a treadmill, you have to adjust according to the speed of the platform and maintain a brisk pace. There is an LCD screen on the mainframe of these fitness machines that provides all the information about your training session such as your speed, distance covered, calories burnt etc to keep you motivated and interested. There is also a heart rate monitor in a loopband these days to program your workout for better health of your heart.  A treadmill is useful for people who suffer from heart-diseases too as this machine is not as strenuous as lifting weights and using most of the other equipments’ in the gym.


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