The Hollywood Screenwriting Group, a new meetup for Hollywood screenwriters, delivers the skills they need to make every script they write revenue producing.

Nancy Fulton, Writer/Producer & HSG founder, says "I hadn't been working in Hollywood long when it occurred to me that my view of the industry varied radically from what my fellow screenwriters saw, and varied even more radically from the "economics of scarcity" I heard being taught at most industry events. Every metric indicates that it has never been easier for writers to earn money in the entertainment industry.  There are, literally, a hundred and one opportunities around every corner. I have a strong technical background, started my first business in my teens, and I think that has given me a real edge when it comes to dealing with Hollywood. I make money on almost everything I write."

Fulton continues, "Writers need to understand intellectual property, how independent films and web series are funded and sold to audiences, who is producing content and how it is marketed. They need to realize how and why their screenplays are the single most important competitive advantage a producer can buy and on what metrics their projects are really measured.  That will let them stop spending money on buying coverage, will help them find agents and managers if they want them, and will empower them to gather up their audience even before their projects are produced.  Hollywood screenwriters could not be better poised to thrive in the modern media era, and those that understand how the business really works are doing very well. On a weekly basis the Hollywood Screenwriting Group delivers the skills writers need to thrive and supports the diversity of stories and storytellers the new global media market demands."

The Hollywood Screenwriting Group meets in Hollywood and adjacent areas weekly and writers can attend most meetings for $10 if they sign up in advance.  If you are a screenwriter looking for a warm, friendly, supportive and informative group to network and learn with, go to

If you live outside Hollywood, but would still like access to the materials and resources made available to HSG members, email [email protected].

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